Over the years we have done interesting and challenging work for a diverse list of clients. Here are a few of the projects we have done.


Farmtrack Livestock Anti-theft System Cubesat
Farmtrack Livestock Anti-theft System CubeSat Subsystems
Farmtrack is a utility that has been designed specifically to assist farmers in the various aspects of crop production, including planting, nutrition, pest control and harvesting. A collar to monitor livestock behaviour, warning a farmer or foreman on their mobile phone of attempted theft or attack by predators. A collaboration with FSATI/CPUT to develop and manufacture various radio communication modules for CubeSat applications.
Square Kilometer Array Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon Bloodhound
Square Kilometer Array Bluetooth Low-Energy Beacon Bloodhound
ETSE developed a part of the receiver subsystem for KAT-7, the precursor to MeerKAT, South Africa's key contribution to the SKA technology development. The BLE beacon comes in two flavours: A quality & cost-effective iBeacon competing with the best out there, or an AltBeacon with a variety of onboard sensors. An advanced mobile field-personnel monitoring tool, implementing a unique combination of RFID and mobile communication technologies within a rugged unit.
Wisepill Respisense SunSpace
Wisepill Respisense SunSpace Innovative Satellite Solutions (SSIS)
Wisepill Technologies make use of GSM and Internet technologies to provide real-time medication management - a clever pillbox with a cellphone at its heart. Respisense simply clips onto the waistband of a diaper, and quietly and unobtrusively monitors baby's movements while asleep, alerting the nearest caregiver after 20 seconds of inactivity. A space-qualified microwave downlink was developed for SSIS, allowing transmission of a high speed digital data stream.
Bluetooth_MLS Safety Radar Satellite Transmitter and Receiver
Bluetooth Sensor Network for MLS Test System Safety Radar for Laser Beam Protection Satellite UHF transmitter and VHF receiver
Bluetooth-based IO units and PC application were developed for the MLS10 pavement testing system - the IO units gather sensor data from the test system, and data is displayed real-time on a PC. A low-cost, high-spec yet versatile X-band FMCW radar intended to operate in conjunctionwith a satellite laser ranging observatory. Space-qualified telemetry transmitters, receivers and an antenna feed network were developed. Standard analog techniques were implemented - these units can be used in many other applications.
23GHz Downconverter Millitary Radio Mountain Transponder
23GHz Downconverter Military Radio Mountain Transponder
Design, production and testing of a 23GHz SoC-based downconverter module with waveguide input, packaged in a machined enclosure. The project that started it all for ETSE Electronics - development of the electronics for a mil-spec two-way radio. Some projects are just more fun than others - located 1000m above sea level, this in-house custom-built weather station collects weather information and beams it online.